• Consultation

    INITIAL NO CHARGE CONSULTATION - These visits are provided free of charge and allow the client or parents of the client to discuss their concerns. These visits are approximately 20 minutes in length and can be conducted in person or by phone. During the visit, the speech language pathologist will collect information regarding the nature of the problem and interact with the client to determine whether an assessment is recommended. It is important to note that a no charge consultation is only available to those who have never sought out speech therapy in the past. All consultations that run past 20 minutes will incur a charge of $30 for every 15 minutes.


    Paid consultations are for clients who previously received speech therapy and are unsure whether they still require any treatment or if there any additional questions. Consultation appointments are made in 15 minute increments and the charge is $30 for every 15 minutes.

  • Swallowing

    A child or an adult present with dysphagia or difficulty swallowing when there is a problem in the mouth, throat or esophagus. Swallowing problems are generally caused by premature birth, stroke, or neurological impairments. The most common symptoms include the following: taking a long time to chew or swallow, residue in the oral cavity, difficulty licking residue from lips, difficulty swallowing food or liquid, gagging and/or coughing when swallowing, having a sensation of food or liquid being stuck in one’s throat, recurring heartburn, presenting with a wet, gurgly voice immediately after eating or drinking, and having a recurring  history of pneumonia. In addition, some children present with behavioral dysphagia, If you or a loved one suffer from one of these symptoms, it is highly recommended to receive a swallow evaluation to determine which foods and liquids are safe to consume and to help children explore new food and textures.

  • Articulation

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  • Language

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  • Social Skills

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  • Workplace Communication

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